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Hartlebury Common is home to a vast array of beetles with some species being specialists of its heathland habitats.  This iridescent Green Tiger Beetle is an aggressive hunter and can often be encountered running along the sandy paths during the spring and summer as it looks for its prey.  Another of the Commonís speciality species is the Minotaur Beetle which has 3 horns (two long and one short) on its thorax.  They can be encountered as they roll rabbit droppings to their burrows which they stock up to feed their larvae.  The third notable species of beetle to look out for on the Common and at the neighbouring Hillditch Pool is the Bloody-nosed Beetle.  Itís a large black long-legged beetle that when threatened exudes a bright red fluid from its mouth.  Not only does this serve as a visual deterrent, the fluid is foul-tasting and puts off birds & other would be predators.