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Dragonflies on Hartlebury Common and  Hillditch Pool
by Mike Averill 3rd October 2014

Dragonflies seem to have heard the weather forcast that Summer was ending today, as several species were frantically egg laying at Rush Pool. 5 pairs of Migrant Hawkers and 1 female Common Hawker were seen today. The Common Hawker is the jewel in the crown of heathland dragonflies for Worcestershire and so the return of this species is most interesting, especially as it hasn't been recorded there since 1949. We can only hope that we get some rain to top up the pool as much of it is already dry. It may seem like a dry year so far, but in fact we are 23% up on rainfall so far this year, and even if it doesn't rain until Christmas we will only reach our annual average. As mentioned previously, it is more a caseof lowering of the watertable rather than lack of rain that is the issue at the Common.
See also this article that appeared in The Shuttle on 9th September.



Scarce Chaser
In appearance the Scarce Chaser may look like the Broad Bodied Chaser or Black-tailed Skimmer but this species has black triangles at the base of only the hind wings whereas the Broad-bodied Chaser has one on each wing while the Black-tailed Skimmer has none at all.
 They tend to be less territorial than the other two species and they quite like to settle in small depressions in vegetation, near the water’s edge.
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Four-spotted Chaser

The photo is a Four-spotted Chaser, so called because of the four spots in the middle of the four wings.