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The impoverished, dry sandy or wet peaty soils of the Common supports an extensive range of wild flowers and plants that in turn provide food and shelter for many species of amazing animals. Donít be disheartened if you donít see everything in flower on your first visit as itís the perfect opportunity to return time after time. After all how could you resist the sight of drifts of purple heather or the burst of golden gorse flowers or the russet hues of dying bracken in the Autumn. Pioneering Birch with its light, airy foliage and peeling bark is widespread whilst Hillditch Coppice, on the eastern side of the Common is bordered by Beech, Small-leaved lime and Alder trees. Spot wildflowers with evocative names such as Ladyís Bedstraw, Devilís-bit Scabious and Harebell across the Common. Then look closer, for tiny green mosses and lichens can be found bearing names such as Juniper Haircap and Devilís Matchstick. Grasses may seem uninteresting by comparison but look again at the delicate, shaking flower heads of Wavy Hair-grass growing in well drained ground in open sunny spots. Sedges and rushes on the other hand prefer more shaded and wetter areas in which to grow. So step into this incredible place, relax and enjoy its beauty and splendour.
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Bell Heather
Common Heather
Devil's Bit Scabious
For information on some of the flowers and plants that can be seen on the common clic here.
Lady's Bedstaw
Devil's Matchstick