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Why Join?

Hartlebury Common is one of Worcestershire's most important nature reserves. As a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) it is one of the few remaining examples of lowland heath in the county. Lowland heathland is a priority for nature conservation because it is a rare and threatened habitat. It has declined greatly in extent during the last two centuries in England it is estimated that only one sixth of the heathland present in 1800 remains and it still faces major pressures. Hartlebury Common is especially noted for its wild plants and the many species of moths and butterflies, dragonflies and bees that have been recorded. Heather dominates the lower terrace and specialist flowers flourish. By joining Hartlebury Common Local Group you will be supporting our work to preserve this important habitat.

If you are interested in joining Hartlebury Common Local Group please email with your name and address and we will send you a membership form, or clic here to download a membership form. There is a membership fee of 5.