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Friends of Hartlebury Common
Hartlebury Common Local Group was founded in 2006 and takes part in conservation work parties organised by WCC (see Work Parties page for details) in support of its new ten year plan to restore the Common to a 'favourable' condition. We hold monthly meetings on natural history topics relevant to the common (see Meetings page for details).

Our aims are
To promote the conservation of Hartlebury Common Nature Reserve, respecting its status as the largest heathland in Worcesteshire, but also recognising its habitat diversity.
To raise awareness of the studies and research work currently occurring through evening talks and outings (field visits)
To liaise with Worcestershire County Council Countryside Service and Natural England
To join BBC Breathing Places for long term conservation.
To undertake practical conservation projects
 About Hartlebury Common Local Group.
Work Parties
To read the 'Implementation Plan for Hartlebury Common' in full, click on this box
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